Friday, April 17, 2009

Hatred of a Japanese car

In these days, temperature is going up, the Sun light is getting brighter, and flowers has started blooming. Finally, spring has came to Michigan. I think I should have a seasonal exchange of my car tires as soon as possible. Putting stuffs aside and taking tires out from a back of a garage, I realized a long straight nail had stuck through the right rear tire. I remembered the tire presure alarm of front panel turned on last fall. The length was about 5 in., and the angle was almost perpendicular. I'm a Japanese, and drive a Japanese car in Detroit. From these facts, evidently, somebody hammered it. I know this kind of damages to Japanese cars often happen in Detroit. Under the bad economy and high unemployment rate in Michigan, many people hate Japanese cars. Still not sure, the bailout money would save American automakers and workers. When the hell Michigan's economy will revive like this spring?