Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Revived Old Note PC

Recently, I revived my old Note PC. Newly installed OS is FreeBSD 6.2R, which is the only one choice to revive this PC. This PC, released in 1998, has only a 96M-memory(which is a max size) and an 8G-disk. Besides, it is unable to boot by CD-ROM, so I really needed FD bootable OS. I prefered to install some recent easy-to-install and easy-to-use Linux, but Ubuntu, Fedore Core, Gentoo,,, all of which don't support FD boot anymore. Only FreeBSD supports it still now. The install process wasn't easy in spite of the catchphrase in the FreeBSD web site. However, my old Note PC started working again, so I can browse the Internet by this PC connected with wireless LAN. Though responses are not prompt, a 1.19kg(2.62lb), small and easy-to-carry Note PC will give me a good time at a coffee shop.

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