Saturday, January 26, 2008

Matz objected to the article about PHP's string processing

Note: Here's my version of translation without any permission nor consent of an original author. This is done just for my English training. But I'm happy if this is a good source to know what's going on in Japanese community.

In his blog (, Matz, the creator of Ruby, objected to the on-line article that explained about PHP's string processing. Matz quoted the author's view:
"One of the current topics is we'll be in trouble when we use both binary-safe and binary-unsafe functions at a time ("

and argued that the existence of these two kinds of functions itself was unacceptable. Matz even thought this should be an architectural flaw.

Although Matz admitted the necessity of C-string, he asserted that string processing functions must be independent of the factor binary-safe or not. For example, a null character is never fit in a file path; therefore, runtime should raise an error when a null character is detected while examination is going on.

As he wrote in his blog, Matz regarded it as a bug when imperfect examination failed to find null string in a wrong place. He insisted Ruby has his idea now.

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