Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Download site just for JRuby engine

Today, I created the download site just for JRuby eninge at I've thought this kind of site should have existed since I updated JRuby engine for JRuby 1.1RC1. As for current release style of the scripting project, only one binary archive of each dynamic language is ready to download. This style might have been enough before and easy to release a bunch of engines for individual dynamic languages at a time. However, dynamic languages have had multiple versions which require different implementations of engines recently.
A request from a user made me start working on it yesterday. Looking around links to help pages in the project home, I discovered that creating a new page under the project in was quit easy. Just clicking on the link and filling out a small form. That's it.
From now on, I can update JRuby engine's binary archives compliant to the latest JRuby anytime.

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