Wednesday, May 20, 2009

JRuby Embed API

Recently, I've been working to implement JRuby Embed API. This API is located in the middle layer between JRuby and an embeded application such as JSR 223. I designed this API based on JSR 223 and made it to suit existing JRuby API as much as possible. In addition, I added local, instance, global variables and constant sharing mehcanism, which has been a wishlist for long time.

Today, I put API document on my web site and updated Wiki, which has code examples.

I think JRuby Embed API has a lot of rooms to improve and might be buggy since tests are not enough. However, please give it a try if interesting. I want to know whether this API can satify embedders or not.


Gergely N said...

So, will the jruby-engine files on be updated or obsoleted?

What's the current recommended way to embed JRuby 1.3.x into Java?


yokolet said...

I'll focus on JRuby Embed API and JSR 223 implementation on top of it. But, this API is still have a room to discuess and not yet fixed. So, I'll, probably,update the reference implementation, I mean jruby-engine on, if jruby-engine has serious bugs or problems.

Currently, I recommend using the reference implementation for JRuby 1.3.x. JRuby Embed API will be bundled in 1.4.x.

In future, jruby-enigne might be stay unupdated unless somebody starts maintaining it.