Tuesday, September 27, 2011

RedBridge Presentaion Slides

I'll put the links to my presentation slides together here. Since I've written slides using Rails and jQuery instead of PowerPoint or OpenOffice, my slides are not on slideshare.

  • StrangeLoop 2011 - "Embedding Ruby and RubyGems Over RedBridge", http://redbridge-at-strangeloop2011.herokuapp.com/slideshow

  • When you put the cursor on the page, forward/backward arrows will appear on both sides of a main area. If you click the right arrow, you can see next page. Or, you can click bullets on the bottom.
    I used MobilySlider jQuery plugin.

  • RubyConf 2010 - "RubyGems To ALL JVM Languages", http://servletgarden-point.appspot.com/slideshow

  • When you click right and left arrows on the both side of a main area, you can go forward and backward. Also, you can click page numbers.
    I used Sudo Slider jQuery plugin.

  • JRubyKaigi 2010 - "Want To Use Ruby From Java? RedBridge Makes It Pretty Easy!", http://latest.1.servletgarden-point.appspot.com/slideshow

  • Click menus on the left side, then right side of contents will be changed. The right side is an accordion. If you click bottom/head tabs, other pages will show up. Basically, the slide is in English. But, a little amount of Japanese are in.

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