Monday, February 05, 2007

The answer for what is Web 2.0

I had wondered what is the definition of Web 2.0 for more than a year. Recently, the word, "Web 2.0," has often appeared in articles about Web applications. None of these articles helped me to figure out the definition of Web 2.0. Web applications, which were introduced as Web 2.0, didn't look innovative though those were useful and attractive. Yesterday, I found the entry in Martin Fowler's Bliki which was written about Web 2.0. It was the very answer for my question.
As Fowler wrote "a common misconception I run into is that Web 2.0 is all new stuff," the jargon surely misleads people. When I heard this jargon for the first time, I thought new HTTP protocol might be defined. Reading some articles and using applications of Web 2.0, soon, I knew my misunderstand. Then, why was it reported like something new? Why did they say new era had come? My question had remained until I read Fowler's entry. Fowler explained the word, Web 2.0, expresses the movement from minority to majority. Internet based application is on the way to become vital. Although Fowler admitted the naming was not the best suited to the movement, he acclaimed the concept.
Web 2.0 technology is not new. The word describes just the concept which encourages web application to develop more sophisticated. I like Web 2.0 applications, so I hope they thrive more and more.

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