Friday, February 09, 2007

Still now, Jini and JavaSpaces are sluggish in Japan

When I wrote about JavaSpaces a few days ago, I got the comment which pointed out my out-of-date knowledge. The real cases based on JavaSpaces (or Jini) have worked already, though my awareness was opposite. I should have researched American Web sites. Now, I know JavaSpaces and Jini have been improving steadily. On the contrary, the situation in Japan remains the same that I wrote in my blog from my old information. Jini and JavaSpaces are sluggish in Japan still now.

I googled to find out recent entries about Jini and JavaSpaces from Japanese Web sites. Many sites were listed; however, most articles were written in 1999 and 2000. Many of them has gone. Besides, I found one article written in 2002 which said Jini based application wasn't developed anymore. In this article( about UPnP, the writer said that Microsift's UPnP thrived while Jini technology was struggling to find the way. The writer also said that topics on Jini seldom showed up in those days. It is true. Everything I could find on the Japanese Internet sites was just two articles about Jini after 2002.

I don't know the reason why Jini and JavaSpaces have been depressed in Japan. I guess a simple web application would have been effective enough in the early 2000s. J2EE products would have been sold well thanks to the vendors' efforts or Japanese character that they love to act same as others. Since JEE has become too big, recently, there is obvious tendency amid Japanese Java developers to go over to lightweight language such as Ruby. This would be negative elements to popularize Jini or JavaSpaces.

I think big obstacles exist in Japan to make Jini or JavaSpaces technology be adopted into a real case right now.


geva said...

Yoko -- As we announced here, we are entering the Japanese market in a big way this year. So the situation you describe may change dramatically soon.

Geva Perry
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yokolet said...

Great news! I'm expecting Japanese market's changing. I wrote about Jini and JavaSpaces in my Japanese blog 'cause I'm inspired. ;-)

eric said...

Dear Yokolet

We just ran our first GigaSpaces training class in Tokyo in April 2007. 4 of the top brokerages in Japan attended. And, 3 of the top system integrators attended. They all plan to use GigaSpaces to build grid-enabled applications with extreme transaction processing requirements. For example, algorithmic trading applications or risk analysis application. So it seems that GigaSpaces is helping to spread Jini/Javaspaces technology in Japan.


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